As a community, our goal is to push our businesses to the next level. Our membership consists of experienced, successful female professionals who span across many industries, experiences, and decades.



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working together to grow million-dollar companies

BrainTrust is a membership organization for ambitious women entrepreneurs.

BrainTrust is a national community of women business owners. Our members use their Vaults™ to champion and challenge one another to grow their companies to their fullest potential. We share experiences in a respectful, open, and confidential space, and we celebrate the many aspects of diversity in each of our members, staff, and partners. We are NOT a networking group or social club... rather we show up to get things done.


Inspiring Growth

BrainTrust helps women accelerate their company growth to the pivotal $1 million mark: a critical milestone currently only met by 1.7% of women business owners.

Getting Down to Business

Our members are driven yet humble, intentionally selected from multiple industries: tech, health care, finance, commercial real estate, manufacturing, entertainment, and more!

By Women Entrepreneurs for Women Entrepreneurs

BrainTrust works because it was created by women who have been there. They know the language, the struggles, and triumphs of business ownership firsthand.

What exactly is a Vault™?

Our members are placed in small groups up to seven women comprising a Vault™. Why do we call it that? A Vault™ is a secure space for things of great value. Your experience, curiosity, and drive are all precious assets for your company but also for your Vault™-mates. Your Vault™ is your safe space, your band of peers, your supporters, and your catalysts for growth.

Curious How to Join?

How to Become a Member


1. Apply

Submit your application immediately following the Lowdown. Make sure to have your current P&L ready to attach.

2. Interview

Once your application is approved, you will set up time to interview with one of our team members. We want to get to know you and make sure you are a fit for BrainTrust.

3. New Member Training

Once you are accepted as a member, you will complete a 3 hour new Member training to get you started in a Vault. Ongoing training is held quarterly.

4. Vault™ Placement

Our team will carefully curate a Vault that is perfect for where you are in your business within 30 days of training. A BrainTrust team member will be with you ever step of the way so you feel confident walking into your first meeting.

Next steps

Ready to Find Your Vault™?

BrainTrust is rapidly expanding and we're accepting a limited number of new members to join the BT community. Are you ready to show up for yourself? Join us at a Lowdown.

Deadlines to Keep On Your Calendar

BrainTrust Lowdown

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In person

February 3rd

Applications Close

Submit Online

Due by 11:59pm CT

February 28th

New Member Training

In Person

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BrainTrust is About You

What We Value

No Judgment





Building Personal Wealth



Personal & Professional Development

Members' words

“We have very serious goals and are bringing one another along to reach them … it’s not enough for just one of us to get there.”

Jacqueline Hayes, MBA, PCM® – Crayons & Marketers Principal

“BrainTrust is the right place to be.”

Charelle Lans – Vision Strategy Management CEO

“I didn’t know I needed this community until I was in it.”

Cameo Carlson – mtheory Nashville President

“It’s nice to not have to explain things in sport analogies… to have a place to connect with other women business owners in an authentic way."

Annie Klaver - River Queen Voyages Founder

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